Anna (nagatsuki_chan) wrote in do_me_lestat,

Fan Arts

Hello there, my name's Anna, and I'm new in this community, so hi everyone~
I'd like to share a couple of fanarts I've made for the VC fandom, if that's allowed of course. 

They're both from Lestat: The Musical, since I just love it's songs <3

The first one is of Armand, Nicolas and Lestat, from one of the scenes in the musical:

The second one is from the song "After All This Time":

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed drawing them!
If you want to see some more of my VC fan arts, please enter my gallery on DeviantArt: It would be really nice of you to leave a comment or two, if it's not a bother! 
x-posted in several VC communities. Sorry for spamming your f-list...
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